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“We are a young organization with big dreams in a country which is young and large!
Our country has a population of 77.7 million between the age group of 18-20 years (census 2011). Most of this age group will enter the work force in the next 2-5 years. Some aiming for college education in the process, others are having to make do with the semiformal/informal sources of employment.Of the reported, more than 25 million students are enrolled in undergraduate courses in the country today. A significant proportion will face a large gap between the skills required for an entry level White/Pink collar job and those that they would possess.......

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Entrepreneurial Skills

You want to be your own boss but don't know how? No problem! With SkillWorld, learn domain skills...

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Observation Skills

Can you observe, ask relevant questions & draw inferences? With SkillWorld, get ready a ...

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Influencing Skills

We need to master the art of influencing people if we must succeed in life. There are plenty of ...

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Data Skills

The future will belong to the people who know and understand data. Learn how to find, analyse, ...

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Soft Skills

A combination of people, social and communication skills. Learn how to dress, talk, behave like a...

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Selling Skills

Everyone must sell whether we like it or not! Your first litmus test will be to sell yourself in ...

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Free Courses

SkillWorld provides the basic skilling courses for Free!
These courses are meant to help students and everyone who is looking to increase their employability chances in the job market.The courses are meant to give practical knowledge and experience. Anyone who is 18 years is eligible to take these courses.who are looking for a fussfree process of preperation for School and various Entrance exams.

Paid Courses

The paid courses are advance or specialized courses. These courses are meant to help the participant learn new skills and specialize in functional areas required in the job market. They help you advance in your career!
Work Expereicne is part of SkillWorld courses and it gives you an opportunity to earn and make the course pay for itself!

For Corporates


We have a large network of trained associates across the country, who can source business for you...

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Train your exisiting and new front line staff using our Mobile platform. Utilize their dead time ...

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Our trained associates can perform short term freelancing assignments for you. They are trained ...

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  • Saurabh Deshmukh- Hinganghat, Wardha dustrict, Maharashtra

    “SkillWorld is the best opportunity of my life! I have changed my way of communication and learned new techniques and skills.This will give perfection to my work. The process of downloading the Mpowr app and one time registration is simple and helped me start my knowledge journey”

  • Charu Verma - New Delhi

    “SkillWorld is a perfect platform for women who want to restart their career, it has a wonderful module designed to brush up your learning. The course is very engaging and educative, emphasizining on every aspect of business and skill development”

  • Priyanka Salunkhe- Mumbai

    “SkillWorld provides information about how to sell product to any kind of customer.How to answer their questions and how to provide details to them. It is very useful.”

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