Who We Are

We are a young organization with big dreams in a country which is young and large!
Our country has a population of 77.7 million between the age group of 18-20 years (census 2011). Most of this age group will enter the work force in the next 2-5 years. Some aiming for college education in the process, others are having to make do with the semiformal/informal sources of employment. Of the reported, more than 25 million students are enrolled in undergraduate courses in the country today. A significant proportion will face a large gap between the skills required for an entry level White/Pink collar job and those that they would possess.
The gaps are centred around soft skills, professional abilities, data handling skills and lack of exposure to specific entry level competencies required by some of the large providers of such opportunities. Simultaneously, such providers have a large unmet demand for entry level manpower that is productive from day one.  SkillWorld will change the way the youth of the country spends time in college. It is a venture meant to connect the college going youth with Job Ready skills, which will position them favourably for entry level “White/ Pink collar jobs” or “Self-employment”.
During their tenure with SkillWorld the students will get trained in Industry specific job profiles with real life work experience, which will enable them to be productive from day one at the respective role. The work experience design helps them to operate in their circle of influence, of atleast 50 families. The opportunity for the students is to train, get work experience and also find job opportunities locally!

Meet The Team

Anupam Kumar

In his 20 years of work life, Anupam has worked with corporates like HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. As a Founder CEO, he is committed to see the youth of this country standing on their feet!

Puja Rai

Puja brings tremendous wisdom to the table, having worked with corporates like Star TV, IMRB and Mindshare. As a Founder and COO, she plays a critical role in achieving the vision.

Bimal Hazarika - Advisor

Bimal is Master Engineer at HP, California, in the field of  Business Intelligence and Analytics. He spends a portion of his time researching, creating 'learning content' and evangelizing new tech stacks, methods and best practices into the orgs. He believes in: "The aim of argument /discussion, should not be victory, but progress".