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Our Corporate Offering

SkillWorld offers a range of corporate offering which is the need of the hour. Ranging from training the staff to providing trained staff and customizing training and hiring needs as per the requirement.
  • Train your exisiting and new front line staff using our Mobile platform.
  • Train them at multiple locations at the same time and save on travel and stay cost!
  • Utilize their dead time and allow them to learn at their own pace.
  • Relevant and practical content is created to ensure that training lures them and not bore them.
  • Regular evaluation tells you about their progress.
  • As the corporate grow so is the need for right resource. Now you will have trained resources in local geographies where it has been a challenge to find them!
  • Our programs are designed to identify, train and deploy the young professionals post giving them customized onboarding and training
  • The resources are trained locally and can be deployed locally or in the relevant geographies
  • Tap into our existing pool of trained resource at zero cost
  • You don’t need to now worry about your entry level positions. We will provide you skilled resources having field experience as well. Now the selection process need not be a judgement basis 15 minutes of interview only. We will support it with assessment findings and field experience details, so you get the most suitable resource who is productive from day one
  • Data Collection for Market Research
  • Data Collection for Market Research
  • Below the line marketing
  • In Store/Branch Sales
  • Customer Experience Audit/ Mystery Shopping
  • Store Display Audit
Why us?

SkillWorld Advantage

At SkillWorld we believe the training is impactful only if along with the knowledge the ability to “Apply” and “Do” is developed. Our unique approach with blended online+ offline+ practical assignments create a learning environment where students develop as professionals and are ready to take on the entry level jobs. With its unique approach to training and domain experts who mentor the students, we are best suited to provide trained resources. Presently, we have presence at 6 locations in 4 states (Indore, Bhopal, Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur & Thane) with 2 more locations (Kolkata & Nagpur) coming up soon. We intend to add newer locations on a regular basis to increase our penetration in the market.

Experienced Mentors

All our mentors who train and groom the students are experienced BFSI professionals, with minimum 10 years of work experience in business development and supervisory roles. These mentors have been with Private sector banks or insurance companies in their earlier roles and thus are able to bring practical orientation to mentoring.

Monitoring & Supervision

We have teams at central and local levels to ensure seamless training and mentoring through strong process and checks. Constant personal feedback is integrated to ensure Quality.

Blended Learning

We create employable youth from absolute Freshers. Our blended learning methodology helps them learn how “To Do” things rather than just knowing the theory part of it. Our virtual classrooms and workshop methodology helps us to mentor and guide the students at different levels regularly.

End to End Solution

We offer complete talent management solution for entry level profiles. Our capabilities cuts across sourcing, identifying, developing and providing support through various delivery mechanism.

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