Any Indian Citizen of more than 18 Years of age can register with us. We are primarily looking for students studying in Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in any college of India. There is no restriction on which year or what course are you studying in. First Year, Second Year or Final Year - all can join. We also welcome College dropout, Freelancers, Housewives etc., keen on developing/ repolishing job ready skills to join us.

Yes. Aadhar card and your bank account details are mandatory.

You can give a missed call to 826 800 8885 or register through our website. We will send you a link to download our app. The final registeration happens on the app.

Currently we are running two types of program- 1) Silver Certificate -Basic is free of cost for you. 2) Silver Certificate- Advance is paid for program. You need to pay if you want to acquire expertise by buying optional courses of our partners listed on our platform. 

We are focussed on building job ready skills for students. Our endeavour is to make you the preferred choice of an employer for an entry level White Collar Or a Pink Collar Job or make you capable to become a self-employed person.

White collar work is performed in an office, cubicle, or other administrative setting. A pink collar job is related to customer interaction, entertainment, sales, or other service-oriented work.

We have 3 levels of certifications. 1.Silver -  It has two types Silver Basic and Silver Advance. It is the first level and indicates that you have acquired skills in specified area. All students will have the same skill subjects and assignments in this level.Silver Advance students will be eligible for assisted "Job Placement Program". 2. Gold - It is a "Proficient level" of learning. In this level, one can choose to specialise in one or two particular skill areas, depending upon the assessment results. Gold certified students will be eligible for our assisted "Job Placement Program". 3. Platinum - It is an "Expert Level" of learning. On clearing Platinum certification, one can safely assume that you will be able to perform your job with lots of expertise.

It depends upon you clearing the assessments and completing the assignments. No level can be cleared without completing the field assignments. You can clear Silver in three months, Gold in nine months and Platinum in six months. However, exceptional students can clear the certifications in a fast track mode also.

Our Programs are based on ease of learning. Our philosophy is "Learn at your pace at your own place". We have designed most of our contents to be mobile friendly. You just need a smart phone and a data plan to undertake our program.

 No.Our program has mobile based self-learning courses. You need not skip any classes in your college. You can continue with your college, and learn with SkillWorld in your free time.

Field assignments will be related to your skills and overall personality development. People Influencing, Data Collection, Observation related assignments are mandatory for everyone. Other assignments will depend upon the skill area chosen.

Yes. Once your basic assessments in Silver level are cleared, we will start paying you on successful completion of assignments.

There is no limitation on your earnings. It depends upon on the number of assignments succesfully completed by you.

You can . However, if you get into a job, some corporates may have a restriction on you not taking up any other assignments. You will have to abide by the "Code of Conduct" of your organisation.

No. SkillWorld program is to give you real experience. This will give you an edge when you appear for job interviews. So, doing field assignments is mandatory.

We will first teach you the concept of job ready skills through different visual formats on mobile. After that we will assess your understanding and identify areas of improvement. Simultaneously, we will guide you to acquire real life experience through field assignments. These would be real assignments done in collaboration with our corporate partners. Based on your performance in assessment tests and live sssignments, you will be certified for different levels.

There is no job guarantee. However, we will help you develop your skills, give you relevant field experience, help you with CV writing, prepare you for interview and depending upon requirements, arrange an interview with our partner corporates. You will certainly have an edge over any other candidate who has not taken our certifications.

SkillWorld does not give any job gaurentee! We run an assisted "Job Placement Program", where we will help in arranging interviews with our partner corporates depending upon their requirements