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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for enrollment in SkillWorld?

Any Indian Citizen of more than 18 Years of age can register with us. We are looking for students who are at-least Graduates with 50% marks from any college of India, in any course.We also welcome candidates with up to 2 years of work experience who are keen on developing/ repolishing job ready skills to join us.

Are there any documents required for enrollment/ admission?

Yes. Any valid Identity proof and your graduation Marksheet is required.

How do I get more information on the Job Oriented programs?

  • Sign up on website
  • Message us on WhatsApp or Facebook
  • Request for CallBack

What is the Fee for the programs?

The Fee details are mentioned in the “Our Program’ page. For more information on Offers and Discount (if any), please contact us through the Local centers or write to us at [email protected]

What is the expected Learning output of the programs conducted by SkillWorld?

We are focused on building job ready skills. Our endeavor is to make you the preferred choice of an employer for an entry level Job.

Currently we are providing skill training in the “Banking and Finance” sector (BFSI).

You will observe the following change and learning during and after the program:

  • Professional outlook and also in appearance
  • Learn to communicate with known and unknown people
  • Learn to Influence people
  • Learn about customer service, handle difficult situations
  • Ability to find and convert business opportunities
  • Banking product knowledge
  • Banking laws and queries basic knowledge
  • Managing Investment
  • Result/ Target achievement Orientation
  • Banking Operations and Documentation
  • Excel skills for basic data management

How will you prepare me for a Job?

We teach you the concept of Job Ready skills through different visual formats on Mobile and Classroom sessions, which is followed by Real life Work Experience. The Mentor assigned to you will guide you at each step of the program. The Mentor will assess your understanding and will identify areas of improvement. Based on your performance in assessment tests, live work assignments and mentor feedback, you will be Certified. Once Certified you are ready to face the job interviews!

Who is a Mentor?

A Mentor is your friend, philosopher and guide during the time you are at SkillWorld.
Your Mentor ensures, help and guidance is given at each step and grooms you to become ready for the professional world.

Do I need to have a computer or a laptop?

Our Programs are based on ease of learning. Our philosophy is “Learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime”. Our content is designed to be Mobile friendly. You just need a smartphone and a data plan to undertake our program.

What is the criteria for Certification ?

The following determines your certification:

All Assessments and TASKS given in the course module are done and cleared.

Field work assignments done to the satisfaction of your Mentor

90% Attendance in the workshops.

What if I am unable to attend few Workshops for unavoidable reasons?

Our classroom workshops are digitally enabled. You can join the workshop from anywhere through Skype or Google Hangout. The process is initiated and explained once you join the program.

What kind of field assignments will we be required to do?

Field assignments are designed to sharpen the skills you have gained during the Learning phase. It enables you to apply your Learning and start Doing. It is meant for overall personality development. Influencing people, Customer servicing, Observation related assignments etc., which are mandatory for everyone. Some assignments will depend upon the Job Profile based program chosen by you.

Does SkillWorld Guarantee a job once we are Certified?

There is no Job guarantee. However, we will help you develop your skills, give you relevant field experience, help you with CV writing, prepare you for interview and depending upon the current requirements with our corporate partners, arrange for an interview.
You will certainly have an edge over any other candidate who has not taken our certification.

Do I need to leave my city/town and move to another place for learning, work experience or Job interviews (if eligible)?

NO. SkillWorld helps you to Learn Locally, take the Work Experience Locally and also find a Job Locally!

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We have come to know of a website with SkillWorld name collecting money for CV and Placement services. We do not have any relationship with them. Please exercise your own judgement while dealing with them.